Sports Bars Ladder Racks & Accessories

Premium Range of Sports Bars

Ladder Racks

Designed to be a platform for the back of your utility. All surfaces are flat with pre drilled holes make it easy to install all accessories. The Lower Trays storage for those tools that need quick easy access. There is no system as robust and user friendly.

Rigid Construction.

Generous bends, neat fitting holes and no welding makes these Rax virtually indestructible . All held together with316 Stainless Cap Screws and Nyloc nuts.


Installation is a breeze as you assemble the Rax all prior to placing on tray. Line up pre drilled holes DO NOT tighten. Make sure you have all Cap Screws in align edges and tighten then lift onto utility tray mark off holes. Depending on size Rax you have purchased there will be either 4 or 6 holes. Nutserts are the easiest and neatest method for a clean and safe installation.. It is recommended that you re tighten all cap screws and nutserts after a week of useage.

Rax Sports Bars come with a structural one year money back guarantee.